Professional Management

Eagle Sankyou Screw and Fasteners Manufacture has found in 1995, and it has been in operation for a decade. In order to cope with the fast changing market, we have continuously improved the operation with its core values on “man, machine, material, method and environment” In 2000, we achieved ISO9001:2000 certificate. In 2005, we introduced ISO/TS16949:2002 automotive industry specific quality management system into our operation.

In the last 10 years, we developed from a manufacturer of only 10 sets of screw manufacturing machines to having more than 200 sets, and produced more than 3,000 types of screws and fasteners to meet the specific needs of our customers, In order to maximize the cost effectiveness, we strive to work on technology improvement. We enhance the cold forming and precision tuning techniques to improve product quality to benefit our customers.

Experienced In Screw Manufacturing

Twenty years ago, we started with only 10 Cold Forging machines. Now we have almost 300 Cold Forging machines to produce more than 5000 different types of screws and fasteners. We have learnt from our past experiences and incorporated the latest technologies in our production. After the introduction of Cold Form Simulation Software – CPM Gmbh from Germany in 2011, less time is needed in designing and developing new molds, which helps the company to build a solid foundation for innovation.

Different products need specific types of screws and fasteners to achieve the best performance. With years of experience and professional knowledge, we work closely with our customers to develop and improve our products, to reduce the failure rate and potential risk of the products so as to get a win-win situation with our customers and suppliers.

Quality Control

Over the past 20 years, we have committed to science management and put it into practice. We strive to innovate and improve ourselves by focusing on our workers, machines, materials, methods and the enviroment. With our emphasis on quality control and recognition by our customers on product quality, we have successfully developed good relationship with internationally renowned enterprises. We will continuously improve ourselves to strive for the greatest return to reward our customers and contribute to the society.

Accreditation And Awards

A fine management system is vital to the success of an enterprise. All our operations comply with ISO 9001-2000. We have successfully been awarded
the certification of ISO 9001-2000; ISO/TS16949-2002 and ISO14001-2004 in the year of 2000, 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Fast Production

With our many years of experience in screw manufacturing, we have developed fast method in fulfilling our delivery promise to our clients. Furthermore, we always work closely to meet the necessary requirements of our clients as well as improving our quality constantly, which in turn reduces the failure rate and product development cost.

Custom Solution For Clients

We provide custom solution for all types of screw demands for our clients, we understand that certain industries require specific screw which can be hard to find in the market, therefore, we want to meet all requirements, thus providing the ultimate custom screw solution for each industry.

Environmental Friendly

We care for our next generation. We select and use supplies and raw material that are environmental friendly.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation

Solar water heating system

Water Conservation

Water conservation

Rain water is collected for plant watering or other uses in the factory

Experienced Staff

Staff training knowledge enhancement and self-development are the major direction of our human resource management. With professional knowledge and rich experience, we achieve TOTAL customer SATISFACTION and to contribute our best to the community and the country.

  • Team spirit is developed through team work
  • Training room
  • Staff canteen
Experienced Staff

Our Japanese Partner

Japan Partner

YAMASHINA Co., Ltd. designs, develops and produces multi-purposed screws. As part of the community for over a century, environmental protection is our primary responsibility. While introducing industrialization, contributing to the community is also our priority.


Founded in Yamashina, Kyoto with a starting capital of one million yen and became one of the suppliers of the national army, navy and railway.


Began to manufacture spare parts of the army’s weapons.


Successfully produced Phillips recess screws domestically.


Receiving technical support from the U.S. Air Force on manufacturing system and signed a contract with the U.S. Air Force and civil aviation company.


Relocated to Higashino. Started local production of TAPPING screws, upon the government’s request.


Complied with the US Fastener Quality Act and became a certified laboratory.


Acquired the patent eligibility for DELTA PT plastic screw from Europe’s most advanced German company EJOT.


Obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification.


Signed a contract with Dongguan Eagle Sankyou Screws and Fasteners Co., Ltd. for business and technical skills collaboration.


Took over LADVIK Co., Ltd. as subsidiary.

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