Fun Facts About Screws

The origins of screws dated back during the era of Ancient Greeks, when they first used it for multiple purposes. Since then, people has been using screws mainly for construction purpose, how well do you know about the history of screws?

#1 Many of the workmen tools we are using today were invented during Roman Age
Economist Rybczynski discovered that most tools such as saw, screws, chisel, level and more were invented during the Bronze Age or maybe even earlier.

#2 The first screw factory was a financial failure
During 1760 in England, Job and William Wyatt spent 16 years to raise enough capital to invent a machine that could produce screws automatically. This machine made a labor of several minutes into one of six or seven seconds while producing a much higher quality product. However, this business plan did not take the leap and they failed. Even so, their successors were able to revive their business and produced 16,000 screws a day with a team of only 30 people.

#3 Screws were firstly used in machinery in Ancient Greeks period
During the early Ancient Greeks, screws were used in presses of various kinds, such as olive and grape presses. Then in the Middle Ages, they were used to in paper and printing machinery presses.

#4 Some of the screws used as fasteners were used in military weapons
Screws were widely used to put firearms together in the early 16th century during wartime. They were also widely used in assembly armor. When screws are inserted into metal, the threads must be fairly accurate in order to fit properly into the receiving threads. These screws were created by first hammering out a head and shank and then cutting the thread using a die called a screw plate.

#5 Screws were first used as fasteners to fix two thin materials together
Screws were used to permanently fix two thin material together when properly installed, during that time, to remove a screw without screwdriver, one has to cut out the surrounding materials.

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