How To Unscrew Stripped Screw

Ever faced a situation when you are unable to unscrew or remove a stripped screw? A stripped screw happens when the screw has been over tightened, this will cause the metal that used to make up the screw threads to be ripped off, thus you no longer have a grip on it. This issue happens to everyone and when it does, it can be really frustrating.

So, how to fix a stripped screw without breaking or destroying the surrounding materials? Simple, all you need is a screwdriver and a thick rubber band, the one that is used on newspapers.

First, you need to place the rubber band on top of the stripped screw. Then, use a screwdriver and bear down on the rubber band, twist it as usual, you will find it easier to unscrew the screw as the rubber band provides a kind of grip for the screwdriver.

Now, you have a simple way to unscrew a stripped screw with just a rubber band! If you are looking for a high-quality screws and fasteners for your home, do contact us today and we will provide you the best quote!